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Hard Bound Thesis

Hard Bound Thesis


These publications are produced in line with regulations specified in the University of Portsmouth Postgraduate Research Student Handbook and meet the requirements of the British Library.

Hard Bound Thesis

Our theses are produced using hard bound black faux leather covers.

Our set cost allows for 6 lines of gold embossed text for the title of your thesis, as well as 3 lines of text (author, qualification, year of submission), and one line of text for the spine (author, abbreviated qualification, year of submission).


Our pricing allows you to cost your Hard Bound Thesis based on your number of pages, whether it is black and white, colour, or a mix of both.

Please note: The mixed printing pricing can be used if there are 25% or less colour pages to 75% black and white pages.

Above 280 Pages

If your Thesis is above 280 pages in length it will be produced in 2 volumes. As standard these Theses are produced in equal volumes. e.g. if your Thesis is 320 pages, then each volume would be 160 pages in length. Alternatively you can specify which page number to start your second volume from when supplying your file.

Further gold blocking will also be added to the cover and spine to indicate "Volume 1" and "Volume 2" in line with regulations.

Please ensure you are aware of the maximum length of thesis that you are allowed to submit as per refer Section 13.3 in the Postgraduate Research Student Handbook.


Thesis on CD

If you require we will burn your Thesis PDF to a white faced unbranded CD, supplied with self adhesive slipcase.

Prices are based on maximum 72-hour turnaround (excluding weekends and bank holidays) from when we receive your PDF file.


1. Add any CD's you require into your basket first, before selecting the print type and page quantity for your Hard Bound Thesis.

2. Select your print type (mono, mixed or colour), number of pages in your Thesis (up to) and the quantity you require. Add to basket, proceed to check out.

3. On the next screen please provide the wording for your cover.

  • Thesis Title: Up to 6 lines of 33 characters both upper and lower case

  • Your Details: Please enter your name, qualification and year of submission. Up to 3 lines of 33 characters both upper and lower case.

  • Spine: Please enter your name, abbreviated qualification e.g. PhD, and year of submission. 1 line of 33 characters both upper and lower case.

4. On confirmation of your order you will be receive an email for you to respond to with your PDF file of your Hard Bound Thesis

You must only provide one file, with the exception of the cover sheet of your dissertation which may be on separate document, or if you have two versions of the dissertation such as a named and unnamed version.

Note: No other artwork file types, or multiple PDF files are accepted.

All printed Thesis must be collected from University Printing Services. We do not deliver these type of publications.

For any enquires about this service please contact us by one of the methods below:

T: 023 9284 3368
E: webtoprint@port.ac.uk
W: www.port.ac.uk/printingservices

1 CD
up to 100 pages
One volume Theses:
up to 110 pages
up to 120 pages
up to 130 pages
up to 140 pages
up to 150 pages
up to 160 pages
up to 170 pages
up to 180 pages
up to 190 pages
up to 200 pages
up to 210 pages
up to 220 pages
up to 230 pages
up to 240 pages
up to 250 pages
up to 260 pages
up to 270 pages
up to 280 pages
Two Volume Theses:
up to 290 pages
up to 300 pages
up to 310 pages
up to 320 pages
up to 330 pages
up to 340 pages
up to 350 pages
up to 360 pages
up to 370 pages
up to 380 pages
up to 390 pages
up to 400 pages
up to 410 pages
up to 420 pages
up to 430 pages
up to 440 pages
up to 450 pages
up to 460 pages
up to 470 pages
up to 480 pages
up to 490 pages
up to 500 pages
up to 510 pages
up to 520 pages
up to 530 pages
up to 540 pages
up to 550 pages
up to 560 pages

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